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New Broadband Max Allowance product £14.01 pm for upto 2MB

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Broadband Max Allowance


For customers who use the internet regularly and want to have the fastest speed available to them. Crimson Technology will provision the connection on the fastest speed that is available on the line(currently 2MB)*. Customers can choose the amount of transfer that they want and will be charged accordingly.

ADSL Product Activation Fee Transfer Allowance Pricing per month
    ** ***  
Home 500/1000/2000 £45.00 3GB 30GB £14.04
Home 500/1000/2000 £45.00 30GB 300GB £17.01
Home 500/1000/2000 £45.00 60GB 330GB £25.52
Home 500/1000/2000 £45.00 90GB 360GB £34.03
Home 500/1000/2000 £45.00 120GB 390GB £42.54
Home 500/1000/2000 £45.00 150GB 420GB £51.06
Office 500/1000/2000 £45.00 45GB 300GB £25.00
Office 500/1000/2000 £45.00 90GB 330GB £35.00
Office 500/1000/2000 £45.00 135GB 360GB £45.00
Office 500/1000/2000 £45.00 180GB 390GB £45.00
Office 500/1000/2000 £45.00 225GB 420GB £65.00
Overuse charges       £5.00
All prices exclude VAT @ 17.5%


To order Broadband Max Allowance, click here :

Customers who use more than their predefined transfer amount will be charged the difference between the amount paid for and the amount used on their next invoice. They will also be charged a £5 + VAT service charge. Minimum contract period of one month.

* The speed of the connection provided is dependent on the distance of the premises from the BT exchange.

** The transfer amount shown indicates the amount that can be transferred during peak hours. Peak is defined as Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm.

*** The transfer amount shown indicates the fair usage allowed during off-peak periods. Off-peak is defined as Monday to Thursday 10pm to 8am, Friday 10pm through to Monday 8am.

All Crimson ADSL connections include a static IP address free of charge