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0845 Unmetered Access

  What is unmetered dialup?

Unmetered dialup is where an internet dialup user can connect to the internet using an analogue or ISDN BT line and pay a fixed monthly charge with no additional call charges (Subject to AUP).

Is this available from cable telephone lines?

No you need one of the following products from BT. Standard analogue PSTN line, ISDN 2 or ISDN 30.

How long does this take to activate?

The unmetered dialup is available to use from the moment you order it. For example if you place an order using this site now you can immediately disconnect your modem and reconnect using the new unmetered account. An exception to this is when you pay by cheque, where the account is activated once we have received your cheque.

What unmetered products are available?

We offer a number of different packages aimed at both home and business users. Certain packages are restricted to certain times of the day or week, also different contention ratios can apply. On the order screen a popup window is available that gives full details of the products you can also view it by clicking here.

What are contention ratios?

Contention ratio refers to the number of other unmetered users that a particular user will share a modem at the ISP with. The lower the contention ratio the more likely an uninterrupted service will be experienced. Unlike ADSL contention ratios which refer to bandwidth unmetered contention ratios refer to modems.

What is the AUP?

Certain products are restricted to an amount of maximum online time per month in addition to our standard acceptable use policy. The AUP can be viewed here


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